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PMC Automatic Rapid | 35mm Range finder Analog camera | Made in Japan 1965


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PMC Automatic Rapid is a vintage 35mm rangefinder analog camera that was made in Japan in 1965. Here's some information about this camera:

  1. Rangefinder Camera: Rangefinder cameras are a type of analog camera that uses a rangefinder mechanism to measure the distance to the subject and assist in focusing. They are known for their compact size and quiet operation.

  2. Film Format: The camera uses 35mm film, a standard format for many analog cameras. This format allows you to capture a series of images on a single roll of film.

  3. Automatic Operation: The "Automatic" designation suggests that the camera likely features automatic exposure settings. This could include automatic aperture and shutter speed settings for easier shooting.

  4. Rapid in the Name: "Rapid" in the name may refer to a rapid film advance or other quick operation features.

  5. Year of Manufacture: The camera was manufactured in 1965, which places it within the era of classic analog photography equipment.

  6. Made in Japan: Japan has a rich history of producing high-quality cameras and optics, making cameras like the PMC Automatic Rapid sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

  7. Condition: The camera is described as being in good condition and fully tested, indicating that it has been checked and confirmed to be in operational condition.

  8. Vintage Appeal: Cameras from the 1960s often have a unique vintage charm and can offer a glimpse into the history of photography.

  9. Manual Controls: Vintage cameras typically offer manual control over settings like focus, aperture, and shutter speed, allowing you to have creative control over your images.

  10. Collectible: Vintage cameras like the PMC Automatic Rapid can be collectible items for camera enthusiasts and collectors interested in the history of photography.

It's important to note that while the camera is described as being in good condition and fully tested, vintage cameras may have limitations compared to modern digital equipment. However, they offer a unique shooting experience and can be a fun way to explore analog photography.


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